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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Latest Letter To Senator Harkin of Iowa

My latest to Senator Harkin of Iowa, the leftie who is voting blindly for amnesty for illegals:

As seen on CNN, The DHS cannot take care of the number of immigrants here now:

• DHS is not doing the security screening on large numbers of aliens who are being given work permits, residence, and citizenship;

• Nearly five years after the tragedy of September 11, the DHS still has no idea whether many immigrants are members of organized crime syndicates, are on terrorist watch lists, or have lived sordid lives of crime or other anti-social behavior;

• These immigrant applicants just get waived through the line without full screening. At DHS, granting as many immigration benefits as fast as possible is nearly always the priority over providing for the physical security of American citizens;

• Not only is it virtually impossible for well-meaning DHS employees to provide for our physical security, but many DHS employees are intentionally endangering our lives. There are close to 500 pending complaints of criminal misconduct against DHS employees who are accused of espionage and acceptance of bribes, and even of helping suspected terrorists get permission to live here! Unfortunately, these cases are not being aggressively pursued because the agency's leadership refuses to provide the personnel or resources necessary to investigate them. On top of all that, employees with allegations pending often continue to hold great power over who enters the country.

How is the addition of more immigrants in the stream going to be handled? It will be a disaster.

I'll be back



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