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Friday, April 22, 2005

Robert Scheer Bashes Traditional Values, Again

Being gay is much more fundamental than a life style choice? That's what Robert Scheer says in this piece about a new Connecticut law granting certain rights to unmarried couples that before were limited to only married people. Scheer tries to compare the rights of gays to the days of segregation based on race. He says that segregation was a "traditional value!":

"Although racial segregation was a "traditional value" for most of this nation's existence, it was belatedly overturned as subversive of the values of a democratic society, as discrimination against gays will be."

Interestingly, it was Republicans who fought the Dems in the South to end racial segregation. Of course, Scheer fails to point that out.
Scheer also attacks the Bible, as if the historical accounts of polygamy and women as chattel were the teachings of Christianity, as opposed to an historical description of the times.
His quoting of the judge in San Francisco is typical. Of course the courts in California are liberal and would be more likely to support the idea of gay marriage. But the country as a whole is decidedly against it. If anything, the acceptance of gay marriage is declining, not increasing.
I guess Mr. Scheer was out of the country during November's election.

I'll be back



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