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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Why Should Criminals Get A Break?

When I was a kid, I was afraid of the police. Not because I'm black. I'm white. Not because any of my friends, family or acquaintances had been mistreated by the police. None had. The reason I was afraid of the potential of what the police might do was because it was their job. So I decided not to do things that would cause the police to want to capture me.
Plain and simple, it's the job of the police to round up the bad guys. On some occasions the bad guys try to get away from, or fight with police in lieu of being incarcerated. Now in the United States, that's illegal. Not only is it illegal, it pisses off the police, because they have to risk injury or death to do their job. I don't see or hear about police misconduct when the bad guy is being cooperative. I do hear about it when the bad guy is resisting arrest. In my book, once they run they are basically fair game. If they fight back, it's even worse. Subduing suspects who are uncooperative is dangerous work. Officers can be injured, or even killed. On the occasions where officers have to exert force to effect an arrest, there may be times when the officer feels he needs to be overly assertive, to get the job done. I'd rather see the bad guy get hurt, if need be, than to see the officers injured or killed. An article in yesterday's Los Angeles Times speaks of some recent incidences where officers had to exert force to effect the arrest. The focus of the article is the prosecution (or lack of it) of officers in court for exerting "excessive" force. The crybabies on the left are up in arms because some of the officers are tried, yet not convicted.
And worse (in their view) is the lack of the bringing of criminal charges against officers in some cases. The most recent case is this one:


Even the mayor of Los Angeles is not happy with the choice to not proceed against the officers.
I find that quite troubling, as he is in essence at odds with his own district attorney. My own opinion is he is coddling the black and Latino voters, in hopes of retaining his post when the next election occurs.
The bottom line is that the bad guys who run are either uninformed about what the result might be, or just plain stupid. But I guess, being the bad guys they are shows a certain lack of smarts.

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