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Saturday, June 24, 2006

WMD's In Iraq Were Old? So What???

In this piece from Tammy Bruce, she makes a great argument that the discovery of WMD's in Iraq (even though older stockpiles) is indeed a validation of the originally announced reason we went into the country with our military.
Sorry MSNBC, you can't have it both ways. From Tammy:

So let me see if I understand this correctly--Sarin and Mustard Gas only count as WMD if they were made post-1991? They're still lethal gases, still kill, and can kill thousands, but they don't count because...? So in one breath the MSNBC Pentagon "official" (perhaps the janitor?) says these aren't the WMD we were looking for but then in the next breath says they're lethal. Last time I checked, that's exactly what we were looking for--WMD that could kill hundred and thousands of people in one shot. I thought we were also looking for weapons the circus clowns at the UN IAEA said didn't exist anymore, and that Saddam said he completely destroyed--which these 500+ weapons prove did exist and about which Saddam lied.

So Bush lied? Or Saddam lied? Call it a stretch, but my money is with Mr Hussein being the prevaricator.

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