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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Illegal Workers Necessary?

Click the title bar and read the argument against those who say the illegals are needed to do the jobs "most American's won't do".
Here are a couple of main parts:

...even in areas with few immigrants, grass is cut, groceries are bagged and hotel sheets are changed. Indeed, a large majority of low-skilled workers are native to the United States. A look at the 2000 census is instructive: among males age 25 to 64 years employed that year, of those with less than a high school diploma, 64 percent were born in the United States and 36 percent were foreign born.

The author, BARRY R. CHISWICK makes the case that employers would out of necessity have to pay slightly higher wages for such work, but that is already happening in many areas of the country.
He establishes that it is workable, and would not create the disaster that many have predicted. He closes this way:

The point is that with a decline in low-skilled foreign workers, life would go on. The genius of the American people is their ingenuity, and the genius of the American economy is its flexibility. And throughout our nation's history, this flexibility, the finding of alternative ways of doing things, has been a prime engine of economic growth and change.

Makes sense to me

I'll be back



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