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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Los Angeles Times Still Doesn't Get It (Terrorism War)

In criticising the latest proposed wire tap legislation, the LA Times shows a complete lack of understanding of the War On Terror. Until everybody is on the same page and acknowledges that we are in a war with Al Qaeda and other related groups, the outcry for "warrants at every turn" will continue.
In a war, the enemy is presumed guilty up front. There is no need to ask an enemy soldier to halt. Or to raise his hands and back towards the officers. Or prove his phone calls are benign.
During World War 2, it was the gathering of intelligence by the US and British that proved to be decisive in the fight against facism. There were no warrants. There was surveillance, both visual and by wire and radio intercepts. No courts were needed. No judges.
Any call to or from a suspected terrorist or terror supporter must be considered a possible communication of war information. It really is a war. LA Times, pull your heads out and see the sunshine.

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