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Monday, March 06, 2006

John Kerry Wrong Again

In the highlighted piece, John Kerry uses former presidents as examples of why George Bush's policies aren't working:

"Great American presidents, from Roosevelt to Truman to Kennedy, understood that success requires a community of nations working together, drawing strength from shared sacrifice and steadfast commitment to our shared ideals," he said.

Anyone who knows history knows that all three presidents (four?) used military power, or the threat of its use as the way to further US policy. Both Roosevelts used the military in unilateral ways to push forward US influence around the world. Theodore was quoted as saying "Talk softly and carry a big stick". Franklin began supporting Great Britain with military aid long before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (against the wishes of the public at large). Harry Truman faced the invasion of South Korea with a United Nations force that was actually a United States force. This was roundly criticized by the Press at the time. JFK authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as facing down the Soviets in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
As usual, Mr. Kerry is wrong.

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