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Friday, March 24, 2006

Immigration Protesters Ignore Rule Of Law

Today protesters marched, kids left school and adults left work to protest the new anti illegal immigration bills currently being debated in congress. The protesters were, of course, ignoring the rule of law. The kids who left school were truant. The workers who did not go to work in Georgia were absent without a valid reason. The marchers who protested in the Los Angeles area were violating several laws, including failing to get a permit for a parade.
I want to thank them all for showing EXACTLY WHY the borders should be closed, and why those who are here (illegally) already should be deported or incarcerated.
In a perfect world, the kids who were truant would be suspended from school, the workers who did not show for their shifts would be suspended or fired, and those who marched through the streets would be issued citations by the police, forcing them to pay a fine, or face jail time.
But that's my world.....Put me in charge for a while.

I'll be back



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