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Monday, July 11, 2005

Washington Post Has Simple Minded Attitude About Unocal Takeover Bid

In this myopic piece, the Washington Post has stated that the effect on the price of oil in the US would be zero, if the Chinese took over Unocal. The newspaper has no clue. It is viewing this as simply a business matter. The Chinese are an extreme threat to US security. There is no question about that. The military buildup by the Chinese over the last 10-15 years is alarming. There is no reason for the Chinese to continue this strategy, other than to fight a war. All the obvious opponents in open conflict for the Chinese are allies of the US. If Taiwan is attacked by the Chinese, the US has already stated it will protect them. If Japan is attacked, same situation.
I don't see China attacking Russia. India is a possibility, but again..a US ally. Letting China have carte blanche to get all the oil it needs from a United States oil company has disastrous implications. Washington Post, get a clue.

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