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Monday, June 27, 2005

Des Moines Register Just Doesn't Get It

I live in Iowa, but am from California. The unfortunate deaths of the two young men are regrettable, but the Des Moines Register's take on the issue is a joke. We all need to understand the reasons our troops are placed in harm's way. It has been the job of our armed forces to extend the political and economic policies of our country from the beginning. By and large, this has proved to be a fruitful policy. If you read my blog site, you will notice that I state that World War 2 was the event in time that cemented the role of the United States as the World's policeman. Anybody who disputes this doesn't understand history, and the reality of the world. We are in Iraq to advance our proven way of life and policies. Those who deride us for our actions are simply jealous of us. Those who think we should not be in Iraq because of personal loss only need to look at WW2. Our country made the ultimate sacrifice,with hundreds of thousand of our troops killed and wounded. But evil was defeated. There weren't very many families that weren't affected. Did the people call for a timetable to end the conflict? Did the people call for the release of those held as POW's? Did the people call for the release of the Japanese and German civilians who were held without charge in internment camps? The answer to these questions is: very few people had the temerity to call for anything other than "Unconditional Surrender".No timetable, no release of the bad guys, just VICTORY.Soldiers die in war. Civilians die in war. The hopeful outcome will better the world.

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