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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sex Seeking Girl Suing AOL

The highlighted piece talks about a "young" girl who was allegedly exploited by an AOL employee.
I'm not sure what the girl thought she was doing in this case. She agreed to meet this guy for sex. She sent him "explicit" photos, whatever that means. She had "phone sex" with him, whatever that means. Now it's AOL's fault? Give me a break. No actual sex occured between them, because of intervention by another AOL employee. But would it have? And a couple other things come to mind. The mom was monitering her daughter's online chatting, to the extent that she showed no trust of her daughter. Maybe the girl felt that, and was rebelling. Also, is the girl a virgin? That is another point not in the piece. And where is her dad in this? No word from him in the piece.
Some states allow sex by females as young as 15. She sent the guy her photos. Who shot them?
This whole thing stinks. It sounds like her mom is looking at AOL as the big cookie jar to get her daughter a college education.

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