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Friday, April 15, 2005

LA Times New Writer A Breath Of Fresh Air

Today I have read a piece that warms the heart, at least if one is pro US. The Los Angeles Times has a new opinion writer, DAVID GELERNTER. His writings don't fit the usual left leaning garbage that is spewed out from most of the rest of the writers at the Times. Hopefully this will start a trend, with the Times matriculating towards a more balanced format. I know it will make Bill O'Reilly happy. Just last night, on The Factor, Bill was commenting about the problems with left leaning MSM's, and The Times was one of his main examples. He pointed out that the papers with extreme views in their opinions were losing readership at an increasing rate. What a coincidence that this new writer has emerged! I'm still sceptical that the Times will pursue a quest for more balance. We shall see.

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