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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Italian Guard Killed by US Troops; His Own Fault

As I have said, the idea that our troops fired on the car of the Italian hostage freed in Iraq while knowing she was inside is absurd. The highlighted article sets the record straight. It also shows that the woman who was saved definitely has an anti-American agenda. She lied about the shooting, simple as that. Anyway, the agent didn't want the US to know about the rescue, and died as a result:

"Mario Marioli, a deputy commander of the US-led coalition troops in Iraq, was quoted by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica as saying: "I asked Calipari if I should inform our American allies of the hostage-freeing operation, but his reply was that under no circumstances was the ally to be informed."
US authorities say the vehicle had failed to respond to signals to stop.
La Repubblica quoted statements by Marioli to Italian investigating magistrates probing the incident. He said he had twice been warned by Calipari not to disclose the operation to the Americans. "

Why weren't we informed? I guess we'll never find out.

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