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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hispanic Protesters Like Sheep

In what is clearly a protest against the United States, and all it stands for, there have been more walkouts from schools across the country by Hispanic students and their sympathizers. The Mexican flag is being waved, and in some instances place on flagpoles at schools and other official venues.
Who is doing this? An why? It's the kids, mostly. With the help and encouragement of some faculty members and others of authority. But none involved seem to really understand what they are doing.
A high school principal in Houston, Texas put up the Mexican flag on the school's flagpole. I guess he thinks Houston is in Mexico. I wonder what would happen if a principal at a school in Mexico put up the American flag? Jail for sure. Torture? Probably.
The school is part of the Houston Independent School District. What will the district do?

"HISD leaders said no decision has been made about possible discipline against the principal, who declined interview requests Wednesday."

Great, sit on your hands, while the kids and administrators run amok.
And as far as the kids, and the real reason they are out there? Here's one argument:

"Most students at Reagan High School have relatives or ancestors from Mexico," said Ramos. "The flag represents Mexican heritage as much if not more than citizenship."

But this one seems to be more realisitic:

"It picked up today for us," said Staci Stanfield, spokeswoman for the Galena Park District. "I think they're watching it. We've seen kind of copycat protests that have cropped up throughout the entire country and area."

And this:

"More than half don't even know why they are doing it," she said. "It seems to me that they just want to be part of something big, but they don't know what it is. They've never before cared about politics, or what was going on with our government. The reason they care now is because it gives them a chance to cut class."

Chance to cut class. Perfect. O'Reilly would say ridiculous. But at least one guy has it right:

"Alvin High School Principal Kevon Wells, who also watched the group, said the students will be treated as truants. Punishment can include after-school detention and being assigned to an alternative school campus, he said."

As I've said, this will come to a halt if those who perpetrate these acitivities (school administrators) start to lose their jobs.
Until then the sheep will keep following the crowd.

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