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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Disband The CIA?

This latest piece about more bungling by the CIA is great. I am tired of hearing about the latest failure on the part of the CIA to correctly diagnose an upcoming situation. It's obvious to me that the "Old Boy" group is still there. Those who defend the leadership in the CIA, or the firing the lower level individuals who actually were trying to make things correct in such circumstances need to be removed from their positions.
An ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT commission needs to review the CIA.
The problem is, the Dems would use this as a weapon against George Bush, and the Republicans will attempt to gloss it all over.
Maybe they should ask me!! I'll adjudicate the issue. Maybe it's time for a leader.
I'm pro USA. Pro Military. Pro Guns. I like lower taxes.
But I do not condone incompetence in the departments of our government that protect our national security. The CIA. The FBI. Homeland Security.
Things are the same. The guys in charge have not become better at their jobs. Most of the failures have just been moved to other jobs to make mistakes there.
I believe part of it is the failure to accept those who aren't "OK". If one isn't WASP, forget rising to any important level in any of those groups.
But just as importantly is the nepotism situation. Many who fail in one section of one of these agencies aren't fired. They are simply moved to another section of that agency to screw up there.
Changing the system seems to be the way to go. Really fixing, not just bandaids.

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