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Thursday, May 26, 2005

"24" Ending A Joke

I don't know if you watch the FOX show "24", but the endings have become more and more absurd over the years. I won't get into the prior years, but this season's finale was like watching the "Twilight Zone". Jack Bauer has just saved the country from another horrible situation, yet pressure from the Chinese government over an operation that Jack sponsored against the Chinese embassy gets the President of the US to give him up for arrest, and potential execution.
Jack is informed of the situation, with the further complication that the Secret Service is now going to execute him to prevent the Chinese from interrogating him. So he fakes his own death, is brought back to life by personal supporters in the "CTU" (counter-terrorism-unit), and walks away, with potentially a future of life on the run.
What a crock. The government wouldn't give a crap about the Chinese in this situation. What are they going to do? Launch a nuclear attack? That would be perfect. No more China.

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