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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another Misleading Reuters/CNN Headline

Many times Reuters/CNN/Netscape have put up misleading or false headlines as the lead-ins to stories about our military. The latest states:

"Woman, Children Die in U.S. Attack on Taliban"

The problem is, the US forces were not attacked. Here is an exerpt from the piece itself:

"The military said fighting broke out on Tuesday and U.S.-led forces came under intense fire as they arrived in Mohammad's village in Paktika, which borders Pakistan."

So in reality it was the Taliban who attacked, with the US forces defending themselves. The innocent people died because the Taliban attacked. I have written to Reuters, Netscape, and CNN Online about this tactic (policy) of posting misleading headlines. There has never been a response from any of the three sources.

It's no wonder that people think our forces are over there to kill innocent civilians. Admittedly, if an intellegent person reads the entire story, the truth is seen. But those who are already looking for another reason to vilify our troops will see the headline and assume it's true.

I'm going to send a copy of this to Netscape/CNN/Reuters. We'll see if they respond this time.

I'll be back



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